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Setting up your system for play on battle.icequake.net

Since Blizzard games are set up by default to connect via Blizzard's servers, it takes a few extra steps to set up to play on our servers. However, we think it's worth it! ;-)

The procedure is different depending if you are using a version of the game that has the new "Gateway Selection" menu within it. All the newer versions of Blizzard games have this menu. The best part about it is that you can select between our server and Blizzard's servers, from right within the game!

Unfortunately, sometimes when you upgrade a game version, you may find that you can no longer connect to our server. If this is the case, follow the instructions here again. If it still doesn't work, mail us at battle@icequake.net and we will see what we can do about it.

If you are using newest version of Blizzard games (with "Gateway Selection"):

Download (right click, "save as"), and double-click on this registry file to import it into your Registry. Each user on a multi-user system will have to do this. (You could change the registry file to change HKEY_USERS\.Default instead, but I didn't want to make this the default behaviour.)

Once this registry file is imported, you're done! From now on, "IceQuake" will be the only selection within your Battle.net gateway menu.

If you want the default Blizzard server list back, download and import this registry file: battle-blizzard.reg

The default server in the selection should always be the last one you've selected.

If you are using older versions of the games (without "Gateway selection"):

Please download Battle.net Selector (BNS).

This "Battle.net Selector" will allow you to choose which server you wish to connect to when you do an in-game connect to "Battle.net" in a Blizzard game.

If you have problems connecting and you are using a router to connect to the internet, refer to the technical support document from Blizzard.

Latest Blizzard patches

Get the latest patches for Blizzard games at http://www.blizzard.com/patches.

Current patchlevels (for Windows versions):

No-CD loaders:

CD Key generators:

Loaders and keygens courtesy of SnaiperX

Contact us

For questions, concerns, or comments about this web page, or our battle.net service in particular, please mail battle@icequake.net.


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TODO -- autoupdater, (can we do map packs as well as game versions?), stats webpage (mysql?) with rankings, etc, Diablo2 support, and better banner