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The IceForge

The IceForge (forge.icequake.net) is a classic BBS system running on the Synchronet and Linux platforms. We offer Dove-Net echomail, online gaming, and a friendly place to hang out and discuss stuff. Eventually interbbs gaming will be offered along with other netmail networks. This board was begun in 1994 as "The Division by Zero BBS", and went through many incarnations before ending up here.

Getting connected

There are a few ways you can connect to the system:

Some good telnet/ssh clients to use for BBSing are: PuTTY and its X-window derivative "pterm", Mtelnet, Netrunner. zssh contains a ssh and telnet client with zmodem support. Don't use Windows Telnet!!

If you are having trouble with odd characters being displayed, ensure that your terminal supports codepage 437 (cp437), the IBM character set. For cp437 support in a linux console, enter "charset G0 cp437", or if you are running an older linux distribution, use the "setfont" utility. Also, make sure your terminal is 80x25 with "-geometry 80x25". Most xterms default to 80x24 geometry, which doesn't work well with DOS software that assumes an 80x25 screen. (If you don't plan on using any console io DOS software, you can use the default 80x24.)

If you're using PuTTY/pterm, I've found the following command line useful: pterm -fn vga -sl 999 -geometry 80x25 -xrm "pterm.NoRemoteResize: 1" -xrm "pterm.BackspaceIsDelete: 0" -xrm "pterm.BBSANSIHacks: 1" -xrm "pterm.CurType: 1" -e telnet -E bbs.icequake.net

We have a dialup access number at (636) 272-1217 that you can use with any terminal program like Telix, Qmodempro, or Terminate.

Every user with an account on the board has an email address automatically set up, in the form of username@forge.icequake.net. Any mail to this address will arrive in your mailbox on the BBS, and can be optionally forwarded to any other Internet mail address.

Users can be "finger"'ed at the BBS too to find out name, contact info, etc.

Other services integrated with the BBS:

General Internet BBS Information

What is a BBS?

BBS stands for bulletin board system. The BBS was the primary means of electronic communication for the public before the advent of the Internet.

Aren't BBS's obsolete?

The traditional dialup BBS has been surpassed in functionality by the Internet, but it is far from outliving its usefulness. BBS systems are typically connected directly to the Internet today, so that anyone can access them without tying up a line, worrying about connection speeds, paying long distance charges, etc.

Because the BBS is largely dependent on the Internet today does not mean that it is obsolete. In fact, many would claim that the Internet has made things easier than ever for the BBS sysop to provide his users with a quality online experience.

Looking for my Synchronet hacks?

Various mods like the Synchronet DOSEMU integration and information on running DOS BBS doors on a Linux BBS can be found here.

Contact: <nemesis at forge.icequake.net>