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Chatting in IRC

Want to play? Can't wait to share your latest strategy? Pissed off how that wanker won the last game?

Come chat with us at irc.icequake.net, channel #gaming. Everybody is welcome!

[IQ] Taunt Pack

You can download our custom taunt package from here. The latest version is 1.0. This version still contains some annoying spammer taunts, so you might want to wait for the next version. :)

To install it, just run the file, and point it to your AOE2 folder. For a list of the included taunts and their corresponding numbers, see this file.

Latest Game Patches
Age of Kings

The latest version of Age of Empires II is v2.0a. You can download the upgrade patch here. This includes the previously released AI update.


Here is a fixed executable for the 2.0a upgrade, with the CD check removed. First download and install the upgrade patch, then overwrite the game executable with this one.

The Conquerors Expansion

The latest version of AOE II - The Conquerors Expansion is v1.0c. You can download the upgrade patch here. This update breaks compatibility with previous saved games and recorded matches. If you need to use recorded and saved games from previous versions, please download this file and use it to launch the game instead of the regular "age2_x1.exe". The previous version should only be used in the case that you need to view a recorded or saved game from that game version.

This upgrade applies to all released versions of The Conquerors.

Here is a fixed executable for 1.0c, with the CD check removed. Again, first download and install the upgrade patch, then overwrite the game executable with this one.

Patching Help

If you are having problems installing the patches, you can find .zip archives of the patches here for Age of Kings 2.0a and here for The Conquerors 1.0c. To use these, just unzip them into the game directory, overwriting any files. Please do not install the Age of Kings patch unless you have read the above note.

This is necessary if you are using a modified version of the game, because the patcher will refuse to install if the files have been changed. Using these zip archives instead of the patch installers gets around this problem.

Getting Started
Setting it all up
  • Download age2.reg and import it into your system registry by double-clicking on it. This file sets up default parameters for the games.
  • It would be a good idea to copy all of the *.TTF files in the System\Fonts folder to your Windows\Fonts folder.
  • If you have problems viewing the cutscenes, make sure you have the Intel Indeo codecs installed on your system.
  • If you wish to free additional space, you can delete the *.AVI files in the AVI folder. This will remove all the cutscenes from the game, and free up approximately 80 megabytes of disk space.


-- backup files age2_backup_files.ziP -- script editors -- RMS hacking
FAQ -- how to connect thru NAT


Ensemble Studios' website is at www.ensemblestudios.com.

Microsoft's has websites for both AOE2 and The Conquerors Expansion.

Contact us

For questions, concerns, or comments about this web page, please mail gaming@icequake.net.