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Come chat in our IRC channel at irc.icequake.net #gaming.
Stats and play-by-play announcing will be shown when the server is in-game.

Server Status

You can see the current status of our dedicated game servers at the server stats page.
This will tell you if the servers are up, and who is playing on them.

ngWorldStats World Rankings

Check your worldwide rankings online at http://ut.ngworldstats.com/. You can view rankings by usernames or by server. Our serverIDs are:

Our servers are listed as "Mod" games because of our customizations.

(The old server stats are here).

ngStatsUT Local Rankings

You can also see how you stack up against other players just on our server.

Files you need to get before playing

You'll need to make sure you're running the latest version of UT, or problems may result. The latest version is 436 for Linux, Windows, or Mac.

Update to the latest patch (436) before you do anything else! You won't be able to see our server in the browser if you don't!

In addition, you'll need the following files to play on our server. If you don't get them here, prepare to wait 10 years for them to download in-game.

Our server is set up for download redirection though, so it won't be quite as slow as downloading them through the UT server itself. If you have problems downloading in-game, read this.

Official Bonus Packs

All of these files are zipped .umod files. If you have UT installed properly, the files should self-install when you double-click on them.

(If this doesn't work, download and run this registry patch; edit it first to point to where you have UT installed if it is not C:\UnrealTournament.) This file is not for Windows 2000 or XP.

[IQ] Addon Packs

These are our custom addon packs. Not 100% necessary like the Bonus Packs, but prepare to wait for downloads if you're missing files. These packs include skins, models, and sounds.

You need to install these packs in order. Higher numbered packs depend on lower-numbered packs. If you circumvent this requirement, you will be missing files and unpredictable things might happen.

Not all of the packs are required, and they are ranked in order of preference. As in, we'd rather you have all the skins in R1 if you must choose. So if you can't download R2-R5, don't feel bad, because R1 is the best pack anyhow.


Q: My system won't connect to your server; it complains about a mismatched version of "de.u".

A: Either delete your "de.u" and "de.int" files in your UnrealTournament/System directory so that the server will re-download them to you, or install the UT BonusPack #2, which includes the update for this file (updated Dec 2000).

The new file has a size of 72405 bytes. The old file (that should be replaced) has a size of 72169 bytes.

Q: How do I use the Robot skin that other people are using?

A: That is the Xan skin. If you installed the iQ Pack #1, it should automatically make the change needed to enable using Xan. If you can't use Xan for some reason, whether you installed the pack or not, do this:

Add to your user.ini:


You should now be able to select the Xan skin.

Q: I sat for hours watching skin packs download from your server, and I can't use them in the game! WAHHH!!

A: The server downloads skins and models to you only so that you can see other players using them. In order to be able to use a particular skin, model, or voice on your own character, it must be installed on your system either manually or through a umod. Sorry.

Q: I keep having to re-download skins after a few weeks! WTF!

A: This is because your cache is expiring. The only way around this is to actually install the skin packs that are expiring from a umod.

Q: I don't know what's wrong. I can't download "file.foo" in game. I must have tried it 50 times!

A: A quick fix might be to drag that file somewhere else temporarily and let the server re-download it. You might have a corrupted file or a wrong version of it, which will prevent the server from downloading it to you.

If you just can't get a particular file to download in-game, go to http://www.icequake.net/ut/redirect and download it from there (you can use a download manager like GetRight there). You will have to decompress these files before being able to use them though; use "ucc" in the UnrealTournament/System folder like so:

C:\UnrealTournament\System> ucc decompress <file.uz>

where file.uz is an individual file that you downloaded and would like to use.

You will also need to put the decompressed file (_not_ the *.uz file!!) in the appropriate location in your UT folder, either in Maps (*.unr), Sounds (*.uax), Textures (*.utx), or System (*.u).

Information on recording and playback of Unreal demos can be found here.


Information about our server administration, and other information related to UT dedicated servers in general may be found here.

UnrealScript Development

We maintain a page dedicated to UnrealScript coding examples, tutorials, and links; we will post any code that we write there. This page also has information about Unreal development under Linux.
(Yes! It actually can be done!)

You can access it here.

Contact us

For questions, concerns, or comments about this web page, or our UT service in particular, please mail ut@icequake.net.